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11 » Kristin from Hoevelaken
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12 » Ronald from Nordkirchen
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13 » Edwin from Roanoke
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14 » Marko from Quebec
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15 » Laverne from Besendorf
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16 » Cruz from Ambri
Wow cuz this is great job! Congrats and keep it up.

17 » Leonie from Den Haag
The body could surely suffer when the stability is no longer stable.
The two most important ways to compare water ionizers are:. Skin contact with this hydroxide causes burning, ulceration and permanent scars. Gone are the days when a man could kneel and drink straight from a river without worry. This is fine for people with high blood pressure or anyone on a low sodium diet.
Tap water usually has a neutral p - H but may contain contaminates and if it is city water will also contain things like chlorine and fluoride which, when researched are considered to cause certain types of cancer.

18 » Hermine from Himbergen
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19 » Tommy from Arnhem
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20 » Jason from Miglionico
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